Introducing the one and only Funkylove - a true blast from the past!
With a boom-box full of disco hits, this groovy sensation steps straight out the 1970's and into your event.
With a hot personality and cool dance moves, Funkylove brings colour and humour to any occasion.

As a mobile act or presenter, this charismatic character is perfect for festivals, openings and parties - anywhere you need to add some fun(k).
Book him for your corporate event and he's guaranteed to make even the boss boogie!

"Women want him... Men want to be like him... Kids just love him...
FunkyLove, He's All Action, man!"


Looking for a presenter with style? Or maybe you need someone who can make an announcement to your guests in a way they'll never forget. Just give Funkylove the details and he'll turn your message of any kind into a memorable event.

Say Cheeze!!!

Want to make sure your guests have a memento to remind them of your event? Let Funkylove take snaps of every guest. Armed with a simple Polaroid instant camera, this character mingles as only he can, capturing your guests in all manner of poses - then he gives them the evidence of their antics to take home!
The photos make unusual and unforgettable souvenirs, reminding your guest of you and your event.